Exitex DIGITEX SUPERIOR Front Gap Cover Finger Protection Strips (RP62 equivalent) Heavy Duty


DIGITEX SUPERIOR stops fingers being trapped in doors.

RP62 equivalent product.

Heavy duty, suitable for commercial applications.

Anodised aluminium carrier with concealed fixings.

Fits most doors, pre-packed with fixings.

FRONT GAP COVER - For the 'push' side of a door, opposite side to the hinge knuckle. This is the largest gap created when a door is opened and the one most likely to cause finger-trap accidents.

Essential safety device in area where young children are present.

2100mm Lengths

1.10.0403.2100.00 - Black
1.10.0403.2100.10 - Brown
1.10.0403.2100.25 - Grey
1.10.0403.2100.35 - White

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