SALICE BARGR Diecast Clip-On Mount Plates DOMI Snap-On System with Pre-Mounted EURO Screws


The 'RollsRoyce' of mounting plates they offer a good range of integral cam-action vertical adjustment and simple snap-on fitting of the hinge arm.

'DOMI' clip-on clip-off mounting system for easy door mounting.

Pre-mounted EURO fixing screws for pre-drilled 5mm diameter holes at 32mm centres.

These plates are suitable for hinge series 200, 400, 700, F and M.

Available in three effective heights:

BARGR09/16 - 0mm - Typically used for FULL and 1/4 Overlay applications.
BARGR39/16 - 3mm - Typically used for FULL, 1/4 and 1/2 Overlay applications.
BARGR69/16 - 6mm - Typically used for INSET door applications.

Product Code: S05BARGR09

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