Freud ULTIMAX LP91M Series All-Purpose Saw Blades for Portable Machines


Freud ULTIMAX - The Ultimate Saw Blade For Maximum Applications

Why buy 3 or 4 saw blades when all you need is ONE?

ULTIMAX cuts all these materials:

Nail Embedded Wood
Wood Derivatives
Mild Steel up to 3mm Thick

Diameter (D) x Bore (B) x Thickness (T) x Teeth (T)

LP91M-001P - 160mm D x 20mm B x 2.0mm T x 30T
LP91M-007P - 184mm D x 30mm B x 2.0mm T x 38T
LP91M-008P - 190mm D x 16mm B x 2.0mm T x 38T
LP91M-002P - 190mm D x 30mm C x 2.0mm T x 38T
LP91M-003P - 216mm D x 30mm B x 2.0mm T x 40T
LP91M-004P - 230mm D x 30mm B x 2.4mm T x 44T
LP91M-005P - 250mm D x 30mm B x 2.4mm T x 48T
LP91M-006P - 305mm D x 30mm B x 2.6mm T x 80T

Product Code: F11LP91M001P

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