Nico 77** Series Friction Stay Hinges 13mm Stack Height7710 7720 7730 7735 7740 7745 7750 7760


Standard stainless steel friction window stay hinges, for Top hung or Side Hung use, as indicated

The terms 'Top Hung' and 'Side Hung' refer to where the hinges would be positioned IF on traditional stormproof hinges. So friction stays for TOP hung windows actually fit at the SIDES and stays for SIDE hung windows fit TOP & BOTTOM. Confusing eh?

Side hung stays feature an additional load-bearing strap.

Stack Height: 13mm

7710 - 200mm - Top Hung
7720 - 250mm - Top Hung
7730 - 300mm - Top Hung
7735 - 300mm - Side Hung
7740 - 400mm - Side Hung
7745 - 400mm - Top Hung
7750 - 500mm - Top Hung

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