Freud Double Flute Carbide Tipped Straight Router Bits - 1/4" Shank (Larger Diameters - 7.2mm to 25.4mm)


Best quality straight double fluted router bits.

Made in Italy by Freud.

Micrograin carbide tips.

Precise shear and hook angle.

End of bit relief for fast plunging

Ideal for cutting worktops.

1/4" Shank

Sizes stated are Diameter (D) x Height (H), in millimetres.

04-11225 - 7.2mm D x 25.4mm H
04-11825 - 7.9mm D x 25.0mm H
04-12025 - 9.5mm D x 22.2mm H
04-12425 - 9.5mm D x 25.4mm H
04-12625 - 9.5mm D x 31.8mm H
MM-01025 - 10.0mm D x 25.4mm H
04-52025 - 10.0mm D x 31.8mm H
04-52825 - 12.0mm D x 31.8mm H
04-13025 - 12.7mm D x 19.0mm H
04-13125 - 12.7mm D x 22.0mm H
04-13225 - 12.7mm D x 25.4mm H
04-13325 - 12.7mm D x 31.8mm H
04-53625 - 15.0mm D x 31.8mm H
04-13625 - 15.9mm D x 19.0mm H
04-13725 - 15.9mm D x 31.8mm H
04-54425 - 16.0mm D x 31.8mm H
04-13825 - 17.5mm D x 19.0mm H
04-54825 - 18.0mm D x 31.8mm H
04-14025 - 19.0mm D x 19.0mm H
04-55225 - 20.0mm D x 19.0mm H
04-14825 - 22.2mm D x 19.0mm H
04-15225 - 25.4mm D x 19.0mm H

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