DUOFLEX Folding Openers - Recessed Fitting for Timber Windows


DUOFLEX Folding Window Openers for rececessed timber windows. Mounting plates are at right-angles to each other.

NB - These openers are only suitable for top-hung outward opening upright vertical windows. A minimum sash height of 400mm is required if the windows are hung on friction hinges and 250mm when hung on butt hinges. Consideration should be given the the height of the windows from finished floor level and also the depth of the reveal.

Can be used singly on narrow windows, in linked pairs on medium width windows and in linked triples on wide windows.

STRDU0120 - Silver
STRDU0125 - White
STRDU0143 - Polished Brass*
STRDU0144 - Satin Stainless*

* Please note these are simulated plated finishes not actual brass or stainless steel.

See related items below for link bars and bar centre rings.

Product Code: S06STRDU0120

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