Dictator DIREKT Gate Closers


The DICTATOR gate closer DIREKT is the economic solution for the controlled closing of outside gates, such as admission gates to kinder gardens, schools, industrial plants or just normal garden entrance doors. Unlike a normal closing spring the gate is not thrown shut. The gate closer DIREKT reduces the danger of injuries and accidents and prevents the gate from hitting the person just passing through the gate. The gate closer DIREKT always closes the gate reliably, which is for example very important in kinder gardens, thus preventing the children from running out into the street.

It is as easy to install as a normal closing spring. But unlike the normal closing springs its closing speed can be adjusted. Depending on the gate and the hinges you either use the DIREKT 150 or the DIREKT 200.

DIREKT 150 - for gates upto 1200mm wide

DIREKT 200 - for gates upto 1500mm wide

The gate closer DIREKT can be installed on gates with normal, ascending and screw hinges.

Material of the piston rod chrome plated or stainless steel (AISI 304 or 316L)
Material cylinder/protection tube black or white coated or zinc-plated steel, AISI 304, 316L
Opening angle up to about 110°
Weight of the gate up to ca. 100 kg, depending on choosen model
Size of the gate height max. ca. 2500 mm, width ca. 750 - 1500 mm
Closing force depending on the type of installation 10 - 60 Nm
Closing speed continuous adjusting


Product Code: D160101

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