Zoo ZPZ081/2/3 AMALFI Back Plate Lever Suite


Zoo's ZPZ range is a designer set of levers made form a zinc base material which are chrome plated to achieve long performance and a good aesthetic appeal.


Backplate Size 180mmx43mmx8mm Handle depth - 63.5mm Handle Length from spindle centre 110mm

Available in - Latch, Standard Lock, Euro Profile (EP), and Bathroom.

This is a face fix lever and is supplied with a screw pack/suitable for 30 & 60 min fire doors,

Dual finish levers have Polished Chrome backplates and lever stems and Satin Chrome levers.

ZPZ081SC - Standard Lock (Satin Chrome)
ZPZ081CP - Standard Lock (Polished Chrome)
ZPZ081SCCP - Standard Lock (Dual Satin & Polished Chrome)

ZPPZ081EPSC - Euro Profile (Satin Chrome)
ZPZ081EPCP - Euro Profile (Polished Chrome)
ZPZ081EPSCCP - Euro Profile (Dual Satin & Pol Chrome)

ZPZ082SC - Latch Lever (Satin Chrome)
ZPZ082CP - Latch Lever (Polished Chrome)
ZPZ082SCCP - Latch Lever (Dual Satin & Polished Chrome)

ZPZ083SC - Bathroom (Satin Chrome)
ZPZ083CP - Bathroom (Polished Chrome)
ZPZ083SCCP - Bathroom (Dual Satin & Polished Chrome)