'Keku' Type Secret Fix Panel Clips


Panel clips, often referred to as 'Keku Clips'.

Used for secret fixing of panels etc in washrooms, changing rooms etc.

Black high grade engineering plastic.

Lipped for positve 'snap' action location.

Fixing screws not supplied, suits 8g or 4.0mm.

Three types available:

1) PUSH-ON from the front. Has a 'lip' for positive audible click fit and retention.

2) LIFT-OFF from above ("suspension"). Available with or without a 'lip'. The lipped version gives an audible click fit and provides positive retention.

3) PUSH-IN EDGE TYPE with 'U'-shaped bracket.

Sold as a set of 1 x male part and 1 x female part. A minimum of 2 sets will be required to fix a panel.

Product Code: T04PC010

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