Freud Rounding Over Router Bit - 1/2" Shank


Soften the edges of furniture with a rounding over bit,

Shear angle provides the smoothest cut available.

1/2" shank.

Diameter (D) x Height (H) x Radius (R)

34-12050 - 25.4mm D x 12.7mm H x 6.4mm R
34-12450 - 31.8mm D x 17.5mm H x 9.5mm R
34-12650 - 38.1mm D x 19.0mm H x 12.7mm R
34-12750 - 44.5mm D x 22.2mm H x 15.9mm R
34-12850 - 50.8mm D x 25.4mm H x 19.0mm R
34-13250 - 63.5mm D x 31.8mm H x 25.4mm R

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